Status One phase public competition organized by Comune di Milano and Banca Intesa

Time lapse May 2015

Numbers Estimated budget: 1,7 mln € // Total area: 2400 m2

People Alessandro Scarnato (architecture) // Valentina Greselin (landscape)


Piazza della Scala is currently an efficient but incomplete space in the core of Milan. The pedestrian experience is compressed in an area which is a little more than the simple exit from famous Galleria and the entrance to the important collections of Gallerie d’Italia is almost hidden by the taxi stop and the intense traffic. The proposal extends the pedestrian realm all over the area and organizes the pavement recycling the current materials mixed with new portions of artificial, photocatalytic stone. A huge LED circle embedded around the monument to Da Vinci gives geometrical order to the square, turned in a sort-of dance floor when music in on inside the Opera. A water fountain provide movement and sittings as well as the two green areas on the sides. The square would be given back to the pedestrian experience with a vivid combination of colour, water, trees and music.