SHOAH MEMORIAL, Bologna // Italy

Status Two phase private competition organized by Jewish Communities Council of Italy
Time lapse March 2015
Numbers Estimated budget: 180.000,00 € // Total area: 1200 m2
People Alessandro Scarnato (architecture) // Daniele Basso (sculpture)
A leftover space in the railway station area of Bolonia is divided by two huge aerial systems defining a space currently unidentified. The action suggested with the project wants to dynamize this point without losing the necessary solemnity given by the theme. The sculture, in mirrored steel, moved through the wall towards the city. The wall, covered with a deployed second skin, is a reproduction of the Wall of Jerusalem. The whole space is treated like a transfiguration of a traditional shrine, a Kotel, and is a place for the exercise the duty of memory.


Date: mayo 11, 2015