Type One phase public competition organized by Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Time lapse January 2014
Numbers Estimated budget: 450.000,00 €, Total area: 10.000 m2 (aprx)
Team Alessandro Scarnato (in charge), Valentina Greselin (landscape)

This proposal may seem quite provocative, since the strong visual impact of the huge vegetation is just a cover-up of the current situation. Indeed, the project is a ludic exercise of urban intervention conceived in terms of popular satisfaction. Spain became famous in the 1980s for its “plazas duras”, invented in Barcelona and quickly adopted all over the country. Here we envisage a whole new practice, where the construction of an artificial landscape, somehow intentionally incoherent with the historic features of the place, responds to the desire of the residents to enjoy a scenographic park in the middle of the historic city.